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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Pei Yuan

We had been know each other since form 1.. That time we quite close.. haha.. But after that because not same class already.. and we got our own new friends also.. Time bring us back.. I have been join back her group..

Actaully i feel glad that had join this gang.. five of us.. pei yuan is cute and playful.. mee hui is mature and caring.. yoke ying is so supporting and concern.. li juen is funny and easy to fool.. I don't know how long time we still can maintain like this.. I hope that is forever.. but forever this word is nobody can confirm to say so..

I can't say that i'm so understand pei yuan.. But i feel that i know her well.. When we are playing that time.. she can be fling herself into.. But when we are doing some serious stuff.. She will be so serious concentrate into..

I use to call her "biu mui".. and i'm her "biu gor".. I already forget how this name created.. But we call each other until today.. hehe..


How come i look so fat in this photo.. yi yerrrr..

Juen.. Mei.. Mandee.. Yuan.. Me.. Hui

Yuan.. I don't think you like me post this photo.. hahaha..

"Home make" - Moccha Cake..

They eat a lot..

Celebration at MP steamboat

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just the Beginning

Look at the sky..
It is so crowded..
Is it going to rain?
Even everyday also raining..
There must be a shinning time..
When is mine one?
When you think everything are settle down..
You think everything will be fine soon..
Actaully not..
It is just the beginning..
How come life must be like this..
I hope that time can pass faster..
I want a brand new life..