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Monday, June 18, 2012


People always said in chinese "毕业等于失业", it is quite true. Since after my final exam until now I did applied quite a number of jobs, but all no respond at all. Or maybe myself too choosy because I need to consider so many things first only choose to apply. I had went for 2 interviews in different bank industry. Now still waiting for their reply. I don't know whether I really prepare for my next career or not. Actually is not easy to step in new career, and I need to admit that I'm kinda lazy. Sometime is quite struggle for it.  

Well, life still going and I can't stop here while everyone is moving on. I need to make up my mind and fight for my future!!  Yet I will follow to God's plan, I believe that God will plan a best road for me, HE will choose a suitable job for me. 


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hair with colour

Finally my hair is with colour now. Actually I think dye hair is nothing special, long time ago I already think of dye colour but that time I am still a student, so should have a student look as old people thinking. This is my first time so I am kinda excited. I got a lot of compliments with this look. My friends said I look more nicer as compare to previous. For myself, I think I look more to young lady already. What to you think?

Home Look

Young Lady Look

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Last Day in KBU

Finally the day is come! Today is my last day in KBU, I had finish my last semester last paper. I had been spending my 2 years time here. Is not that easy to pass the days in this 2 years. Now my uni life is end unofficially. Although I still need to wait for result, I am already consider myself as graduated. Muahaha.. Still got 2 months time to wait for my result release, so is time for myself to take a long rest.

Hmm, am I happy too early?! I think I forget even though my study life is end but my new career is coming soon. I need to step in working life, means I still don't have long holidays. Whatever, let me enjoy first!! =D

Dinner after our exam ended, let's enjoy our meal..

Time for photo session, 
we need to keep as our part of memories. 

P/S :
Well.. last but not least,
May God Bless Us with good result for our last semester, my friends. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

1st heavy makeup

I was invited to be a partner of my sister's colleague for their company 50th Anniversary. Why my sister's colleague will invite me? Because I always join them to play badminton, I am one of their badminton group member. hoho.. Need to spend so money to dress up myself. The makeup of course is not done by either me or my sister, because we don't know how to makeup at all. I guess is time for me to learn, so that I no need to spend money on it.

First time try heavy makeup, not really use to it.

Try to tie up my hair, but finally I decided to put it down.

My elder sister and I

Sister's colleague and her sister

My partner tonight
(This is the one who invite me to be her partner.)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Graduation day of my Sweeties

Supposingly I am graduated on the same time with them. Because of myself made a big mistake at first and I had transfer to another college, so I delay a semester. Well, I am still feel happy for them and my life still moving on. I'm looking forward for my own coming graduation day. I can't wait for the day and it is coming soon. I need to work hard to fight for it too  =))

Congratulation to my sweeties - Yen Mey 
Wish you have a bright future and all the best in your coming career..

Congratulation to my sweeties - Yoke Ying ♥ 
Wish you all the best in your further study and 
may you have a bright future too..

Friday, January 27, 2012

During CNY - Cor 5

First time sing k with my relatives, really have fun there. Few of us are most close within other relatives, maybe because of our age is close. Last time when we are young, we always did a lot of funny and naughty things together,  we get scolded together, kinda miss those time. When we all are growing up, we seldom meet together already, all of us have our own career. But I still hope that we can continue maintain our good relationship.  

- Say "Cheese" -

Both of them are sister, my nieces - Jayne & Venus

 My cousin sister and sister - Yanny & Sunny

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

During CNY - Cor 3

During CNY - Cor 3, have a gathering with my buddies. I think is quite a long time I didn't together with them as today already. We are still the same, teasing each other, chit-chatting about life and future. Although it was a short of time, I still feel happy with them - my BFF..

 - Li Juen, Me, Pei Yuan, Yoke Ying, Mee Hui -

Lastly, do not leave out this. She is my good friend as well, the one who sit beside me during form 4 and form 5, help me a lot that time in my study. No matter how long we do not meet each other but we are still keep in touch. And I would like to say thank you for her gift =)

Wai Huan & Me

Only 4 of us dinner together..