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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My new friends

Here we are, my new friends in KBU. Finally is end of my 3rd Year 1st semester. When I first enter KBU, is really feel so strange. Even during my whole Year 2, I wasn't close with my classmates.. But slowly we become friend and get closer and closer. Some is same batch with me and some is my seniors. They are going to graduate after this semester. Today is our last class for this semester. After that we have to fight for our final examination already.. Let's relax for a day..

She is Yih Tyng.. 
We use to discuss about exam through Whatsapp.. 

In the middle is Siew Yuen..
I use to ask her questions whenever I don't understand in study.

She is Pui Yee..
Come together from Utar.. Like to gossiping sometimes..

Elaine and Adeline who are come from Sibu..
Listened that Sibu has many rich people.. What you think? haha
They are the most quiet students in class that lecturer use to say..

The one behind me is Qiao Li the only couple in class..
The other two behind Pui Yee is Angeline and Siao Fong..
They are my seniors and the smart one in class..  

Having lunch..

She is Christine.. My senior as well..
She a good student that lecturer did mentioned..

 He is Kim Thai.. Senior as well..
My lecturer use to call him little boy..
Well, can see from his face too.. Haha