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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hair with colour

Finally my hair is with colour now. Actually I think dye hair is nothing special, long time ago I already think of dye colour but that time I am still a student, so should have a student look as old people thinking. This is my first time so I am kinda excited. I got a lot of compliments with this look. My friends said I look more nicer as compare to previous. For myself, I think I look more to young lady already. What to you think?

Home Look

Young Lady Look

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Last Day in KBU

Finally the day is come! Today is my last day in KBU, I had finish my last semester last paper. I had been spending my 2 years time here. Is not that easy to pass the days in this 2 years. Now my uni life is end unofficially. Although I still need to wait for result, I am already consider myself as graduated. Muahaha.. Still got 2 months time to wait for my result release, so is time for myself to take a long rest.

Hmm, am I happy too early?! I think I forget even though my study life is end but my new career is coming soon. I need to step in working life, means I still don't have long holidays. Whatever, let me enjoy first!! =D

Dinner after our exam ended, let's enjoy our meal..

Time for photo session, 
we need to keep as our part of memories. 

P/S :
Well.. last but not least,
May God Bless Us with good result for our last semester, my friends. 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

1st heavy makeup

I was invited to be a partner of my sister's colleague for their company 50th Anniversary. Why my sister's colleague will invite me? Because I always join them to play badminton, I am one of their badminton group member. hoho.. Need to spend so money to dress up myself. The makeup of course is not done by either me or my sister, because we don't know how to makeup at all. I guess is time for me to learn, so that I no need to spend money on it.

First time try heavy makeup, not really use to it.

Try to tie up my hair, but finally I decided to put it down.

My elder sister and I

Sister's colleague and her sister

My partner tonight
(This is the one who invite me to be her partner.)