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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Badminton Session

Just now having badminton session with Kaskade's workers.. Wow.. long time never do sport already.. It is really great with sweating.. Muahaha.. I think is time for me to get back a healthy lifestyle.. We plan to play badminton one week 2 or 3 times..

When I'm in secondary school I did represent my class to take part in badminton competition.. Haha.. I got 2nd place.. This already "n" years ago.. Well.. now I want to train myself to be better player.. so I'm already find a "si fu zai" to teach me.. Hope is not too late..

Can't wait for the next coming badmintion section.. ^^

Have a look to my aunty sporty look.. lolz

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Goodbye Kampar

Today I'm really moody.. This afternoon I had pack everything from Kampar Perdana 130.. Is time for me to leave this place.. I have been staying Kampar about 2 years more.. Live in 130 this house about 1 and half years.. There's a lot of memories for me.. included 4 tastes:- sweet.. sour.. bitter.. spicy.. I will never never forget about this place..

All the time when I'm still there I always complaint about I hate Kampar.. I don't like the place.. the environment.. Today when I keep on pack my thing.. A lot of memories fresh back in my mind.. My heart just feel like having something inside so heavy.. I start to miss this place.. miss my master room.. my queen size bed.. most important thing is my friends there..

It seem like I'm leaving there.. My memories will slowly gone.. I start to worry my friends will slowly forget me.. I really miss the time when me.. yy.. ym.. 3 of us always watched movie together in my room with light off.. I miss the time I'm always disturb them.. We laugh together upset together.. make fun together fool around.. keep on take turn to suggest where to have dinner..

- My lovely bed -

Goodbye to all =(

I miss all my friends.. Whole gang always joking around in lecture class.. always "blow water" during break time.. always scare together during exam period.. gossip together.. plan for our graduated trip.. I don't know whether this plan still work or not.. I really wish that this plan will work.. This is my dream..

I want to say Thank You to all of you - my Utar friends.. Thanks for supporting me all the best.. concern and worry about me.. I'm really much appreciate all our friendship.. I will never forget about it.. I hope that you guys will never forget me this friend also - Bi Chai.. I will always support you guys no matter in where and when.. Do take care all the time.. All the best to all my beloved friends.. I will work hard with all of you but in different place..

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Last Day of My Job

Today is my last day of my job.. I'm really upset with it.. I had just work for 3 weeks only.. because there's some personal problem.. I need to stop this job..

In this 3 weeks work in Kopitiam Junction.. I'm really gained a lot of experiences.. I had learn a lot of things.. In between I did think of giving up because it is really tired during weekends or holidays.. but now is time for me to stop.. I'm not really willing to..

Everyday after my work.. I'm sure got a lot of stories to tell my family and friends.. I met up a lot of different people.. There's good and bad also.. I can see a lot of different attitudes and habits of human..

There are a lot of foreign workers.. but all of them treat me so nice.. Got 2 workers I will never forget called Soo and San.. They help me a lot.. When I'm holding heavy thing they will help me to take it.. always help me do my part.. We use to joke and fool around.. Is really happy even though there are foreign worker.. and there is a supervisor called Ms. Ching.. She is really good.. She teach me a lot.. How to handle customers.. Tell me a lot of stories about the passed in Kopitiam..

I will always miss them all.. Well.. This is all about my 1st working experience..

This my payment voucher =(