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Friday, October 30, 2009


2/10/09 - Went to Sunway Lagoon.. At 1st my elder doesn't want to join us.. But after my persuading.. and before i got some arguement with my 2nd sister.. I'm still worrying that she also doesn't want to join.. Luckily i'm their cute little princess.. Finally they still promise to join us.. Love you 2 a lot.. ^^

- Sunway Lagoon Map -

Entry here.. Yy.. Me.. Sinn Chai.. Yann Chai

Yeah.. Let's Go..

Can you see who's that?!

Finished enjoying.. After bath..

Going back now..

Night view of Sunway Lagoon..

After have fun at Sunway Lagoon.. Go to Sunway Pyramid have dinner at T.G.I FRIDAY.. Those foods really big size.. I'm a person who can eat so much.. but i still can't finish the set that i had order.. After that we go to play archering..

This is the dessert.. Yummy..

3 sisters.. Omg.. I look fat here..

Professional Archering.. lolz..


1/10/09 - Have fun at Genting.. I still remember the last time i went there is when i'm form 4.. Already 2 years never been there.. Unfortunately I just can play the out door theme park because we just spent one day time there.. Somemore i just enjoyed with my dear friend.. My 2 sisters do not join us.. Hmm.. Maybe they too old already.. lolz.. (Don't angry ok..)

(Yy ar.. although i'm still young.. can't play the Space Shot 2 times with you la.. I got heart attack.. ^^ But i'm enjoying with the Corkscrew..)

- At cable car -

What are we doing??

My beloved Sinn Chai & Yann Chai

Yi pee.. Theme Park.. I'm coming.. @-@

Luckily I know you are taking our photo.. (Sinn Chai)

My turn..

Meet up Catherine there..

- Time Square -

Nice right?

Waiting for the Spinner..

I like this so much - Bumper Boat

(At 1st i'm still thinking want to play this bumper boat or not.. Because i'm really scare of water.. But my dear friend keep ask me to play.. After i got into the boat.. wow.. really enjoyed with it.. lolz.. miss it so much..)

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yeah yeah.. Finally i can update my blog.. Please don't mind i post those old activities.. I had spent 5 days time having fun with my beloved sisters and my dear friend during sem break holidays..

30/9/09 - Went to Jogoya. Is really nice there.. Have a lot of choices i have never try before.. I had been sushi buffet at other restaurant before but i feel that this is much better than the previous one.. You can have a try there ^^

With my dearest - YY

My beloved 2nd sister, Me, YY and beloved eldest sister

-Sweet Dessert-

This soup is really nice.. Make me can't stop drink it..

Oyster.. Great..

-Japanese "satay"-

- Little Dim Sum -

Finish all my foods.. So full.. My last round here..