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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

This is the second times I post Merry Christmas in my blog.. Which means already another end of year.. I think a lot of people like Christmas because everyone can has so much joys in this day.. During Christmas eve.. everyone is busy with dressing up nicely date with friends.. go for count down.. exchange gift.. having big turkey meal with family.. friends or love one.. Everywhere is full of Christmas atmosphere..

But I guess there are somebody will still same as me just past it as usual day.. It doesn't mean I don't like Christmas.. I like to have a jolly time during every festival.. I got a lot of friends did date me out for Christmas count down.. but I have rejected all.. Actually I got my own dream of celebration of Christmas.. It still not yet come true.. So I'm waiting for it.. Hope that it may come true one day..

So time year I'm still as usual past a lonely Christmas.. and I feel that this my lovely Bosco's song match my feeling in this moment..

重唱过气圣诗 走过人潮仍旧愉快
全世界大合唱 只得我听见了天籁
而我最怕逛街 被浮夸灯饰出卖
大众惊我孤单不快 路过商店继续放大

出席联欢晚会 将礼物再拣
人墙内擦过 寂寞应该惯
谁又发觉 在我天台我独个面对夜阑
给我自己礼物都不算最惨 过热闹圣诞

朋友约我晚餐 恐怕人前胡乱大醉
人造繁盛状态 只不过替爱侣点缀
来派对去庆祝 若然不小心淌泪
令到亲友挥之不去 被我一个破坏节日

出席联欢晚会 将礼物再拣
人墙内擦过 寂寞应该惯
谁又发觉 在我天台我独个面对夜阑
给我自己礼物都不算最惨 过热闹圣诞

凡人互相安慰 而我一位对着电脑
想像每个教堂 别人为伴侣祷告

火树银花也许 给我望过一眼
能随便买醉 便活多一晚
只好细看 万个灯胆照下去 夜也是蓝
不快乐不快乐数多次也许 已踏入圣诞

比较露宿一个老者 我亦未算冷

P/S :
By the way.. I would like to wish everyone here having a joyful Christmas 2010..


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Life with no regrets

Is coming to end of year.. All the time I use to think time pass so slow.. I always ask people around me.. How come the time pass so slow.. but what to say.. now already december.. Usually when the year is come until the end.. what will you think.. I will look back over a year what I have done.. So I can know whether I past my time preciously or not.. Well.. I find out myself not really appreciate my time.. Over a year.. I just seem like did nothing..

Why do we live for.. Actually we are doing a recyle of life.. all of us are doing the same thing.. is depend on whether do we make good use of it.. Now matter what have happen.. life still go on.. Time will not wait for us.. I use to look back and I like to blame.. For something bad happened to me.. I will blame everything.. I will blame myself.. blame people around.. Last time I use to blame God too.. and mostly my questions sure start with WHY.. "Why I don't.." "Why is me.." "Why I can't.." "Why do I.." and then I will try to escape from it.. Is not to think how to solve it..

When the problem already occur.. you do not solve it.. The problem will forever there.. Even though you can escape from it now.. you can avoid it few times but one day it may come back to you again.. This is for what I had realize.. All the time just keep on blaming this and that.. time past day by day.. and at the end did nothing.. Isn't it a waste..

This is a very worse attitude that I have.. I rather wasting all my time of blaming yet not to make full use on it.. After some incident happened to me I learn to know that fact we can't change but we can make future.. I always tell myself make my dream come true and want a bright future.. Always is just those same words "I think" "I want" "I wish".. but never work for it..

I have to admit actually I'm not really a faithful person to God.. But I always believe that God will make a way for us.. God will give us chances.. We will not know God will plan what way for us.. when our chances will come.. For some who do not believe in God.. They will think human make right.. Is it true? I want to ask sometimes when you want to get something.. No matter how hard you try to make it but is still can't come true.. Why is that so? Maybe you still can say not work hard enough.. So when you think you already make your life perfect but the next day you suddenly pass away.. Why is that so? We have to accept that something is not we - human can make it..

For what we can do is make good use in every single minute that we have.. Try our very best to make our dream come true.. to achieve what we expect our life is.. Do not blindly go through your life.. When you recall the past only find out you did nothing.. Make your life with no regrets.. This is what we call cherish life..

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Arigatou (Thank You)



如果 能够再一次与你相会的话


如果 能够再一次与你相会的话

如果 能够再一次与你相会的话

如果 能够再一次与你相会的话


P/S :
When the 1st time I listen to this song..
Really touch my heart..
I don't know why..
Maybe is the soft voice and the meaningful lyric..
If you don't understand Chinese is okay..
Because there's English lyric in the video..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

English is Important

Recently I suppose to be very busy with my individual assignment.. Well.. I made myself actually look busy yet I'm not.. 3 weeks later is my due date to pass up my assignment.. My English standard is poor.. and I'm little too lazy.. I did find lot of informations for my assignment but I just seem like read nothing..

Maybe since foundation in my previous university I use to depend on other people.. There is no individual assignment.. and I can always do copy and paste works when the time I'm there.. seriously I mean it.. I still remember my last semester stayed in my previous university.. Year 2 semester 1.. I got my individual assignment.. I don't even have to read the question.. My friend help me did it.. We all just copy from other and change some figure and we got grade A..

Other than that all group assignment.. Just do a little part.. that's it.. when I'm here now.. it seem like so hard for me to catch up.. No more spoon feeding no more copy and paste work.. Got to have good English standard to do my work if I want to score higher mark..

Just feel regret about last time I never brush up my English.. when you not really have to use on it.. you won't feel it is important.. Now I have to.. and I feel that it is really important.. How am I going to complete my assignment well.. Done it and pass up is easy but I hope that can score better.. There is a little bit problem for me.. haiz =(

Should I miss last time when I'm in my previous university or I should feel happy that I'm here so that I can improve myself and learn to be independent to complete all my works..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blowing Bubbles

Blowing bubbles
In the air
Like my dreams
They disappear

Then hit the ground
Without a trace left anywhere

Rainbow-colored glow
Drifting silent
To and fro
And though I want each one to last
I just can't catch them very fast

It's over now
It's in the past


P/S :
The bubbles blown..
Float through the air and eventually burst..
They are fragile and are hard to capture and hold..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Don't give up

In this world that surrounds us
We sometimes brake down and fall
Those who stand above us
Can make us seem so small

We tremble under the weight
Of the problems that hold us down
And when we start to collapse
There seems to be no one around

We try to fight in this world
That always seems to fight back
Sometimes we’re not strong enough though
There are too many things we lack

We’ll hide away in corners
Put upon ourselves pain
But there’s no escape from this life
We all must suffer the same

But although we may struggle
And yes we all do fall
I’ll stand by your side
I’ll stay with you through it all

And if you start to tremble
Or even brake down
I’m your shoulder to cry on
I’ll always be around

We all have our faults
Are up and are downs
We cant always smile all the time
Everyone has to frown

No, no ones perfect
And no one is the same
We’re in this world together
We all play the same game

If we stick together
No matter whats to come
With a little faith and hope
Anything can be done

We all get those bad times
Each and every one of us
But I promise it will get better
Just don’t you give up

But when you feel like you want too
Please just remember this
You can die at any time
But it takes a strong person to live

We all suffer sometimes in our lives.. Some of us suffer loss.. Others from the feeling of being different.. There are so many things that bring us down.. Some sit in their rooms and just cry and pray for a better life.. Some of us can’t handle.. things and reach for the knife.. Whatever makes you depressed.. No matter how down you feel.. How close to giving up you get.. Don’t!!!
Hold on.. Be strong.. There is always someone out there who cares for you.. Life has it’s up and downs.. And one day.. It’ll look up for you too.. If you need someone turn too.. I'm here.. For anyone who need me


P/S :
It is very meaningful..
Full of encouragement..
But how many people can do so..
In this world really got "me" mention in the poem?
Who will help..
I just don't think so there's someone there..

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Day 4 (Last Day)_One Utama

Today is the last day we together here.. they are leaving today.. because tomorrow is their school reopen.. We have to back to our own career.. So we didn't plan to go anywhere.. Just go for the place nearby - One Utama.. If got transport One Utama is consider near my place.. because of them my 1st time driving in KL.. I drive to 1U.. How great I am.. but I won't forget to thank YM's iPhone gps.. haha.. If not I won't be able to reach..

Actually we go there just want to have dinner at Shogun (Sushi Buffet).. Quite disappointed with Shogun.. How can it getting worse and worse.. This time even oyster also don't have.. Really regret to have dinner there.. What a waste..

While waiting for dinner time..

Finally reach the time they have to leave already.. Send them to ktm station.. How much I'm not willing to let them leave.. I need to back with my silence days.. I will miss them so much.. and I know they are also the same.. Do take care my friends.. I'm looking forward for our next time meet up.. and we work hard together for our dreams even in different places..

- BFF -

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 3_Bukit Tinggi

At 1st we are still thinking about go to Malacca or Bukit Tinggi.. but because of budget problem.. We choose to go for 1 day trip in Bukit Tinggi.. We must thanks God also let us reach Berjaya Hotel on time so that we didn't miss the shuttle van because we wake up late already.. If not we no need go to Bukit Tinggi already.. we just can hanging in Time Square..

Need to say Thank You to my eldest sister for fetching us and search for the information for us..

-My lovely Sinn Chai -

Here is the map of Berjaya Hills..

Here we are - Colmar Tropicale

The sun shining upon.. and I'm so clever standing at the shade place..

- 3 of us -

I like clown.. They are so cute..

At 1st want to play pool.. but there's noone they bother us..

Omg.. I love huge bear ^^

Actually we are not enough time to go for all the places.. Now only we know why those people want to stay over night there.. but is ok.. We will go for 2nd times.. What's the different with Genting highland and Berjaya Hills.. Berjaya Hills is good for relax there.. nothing to play.. and we still need to walk a lot there.. So if you are not really like to exercise better not to go..

- Japanese Tea House -

We rent kimono there for photos shooting.. Actually is freaking hot.. but we already there.. so must have some fun.. Somemore we had become model there.. Got some tourists want to take photos with us all because of we are wearing kimono..

3 Pretty Girls..

So funny right..

- Back view -

The people working there asked us post like this..

- Resting -

Finally we back to Berjaya Hotel.. When in the van.. Just seem like doing sauna inside.. Really so hot and tired.. Once we reach the hotel.. immediately resting on the sofa already.. haha.. So sleepy also.. But have a nice trip there..

Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 2_Sunway Pyramid

Today we go to Sunway Pyramid.. because want to meet up a friend from Subang.. and YY said want to play skating.. Well.. actually I'm not really interested with it.. It is quite a distance from my place to Sunway Pyramid.. We have to take ktm and bus only can reach the place.. It takes almost an hour..

I got a little proud of myself.. haha.. I did a good job.. I'm inside the train and there's a woman hugging a baby come inside the train with no sit.. and I saw nobody let the woman sit so I let my place to her.. Well.. I feel so happy and the little baby is so cute..

While waiting for the train..

Ultra-man, Converse & Everlast

- With fairy wheel -

We meet up Mee Hui and having lunch at Sake Sushi.. We just chit chat awhile and have a short gathering with her.. She didn't join us playing for all those.. When we back home.. I just feel like my right hand freaking tired.. I keep on think how can it be.. only I remember we played archery and bowling use too much of right hand energy..

- Mee Hui & Yoke Ying-

They are 1st time to play archery..

This only my favorite.. ^^

- 4 of us -

You know what.. I'm forcing to play skating.. I'm really shame on it.. because in 2 hours I just only walked 2 rounds and I have to lean on the wall to finish my 2 rounds.. YY and YM did asked me hand off from the wall but I'm worrying I will fall down.. that time must be more embarrassing.. I rather leaning on the wall.. Well.. the is the 1st and last time..

- My 1st experience -

They are really excited.. but I'm not.. Don't see my picture look so happy.. I just want my picture look nice.. haha..

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 1_My Place

I'm living in KL almost a month already.. keep waiting for my dear YY and YM semester break so that they able come to visit me.. Yeah.. finally this day come.. I'm really miss them so much.. I got a lot of stories want to share with them.. Long time we never pillow talk already.. I want to have a lot of fun with them..

- YM - YY - ME -

- Crazy Us -

This is the souvenir I get from Yen Mey from Hat Yai.. Muahaha

This represent 3 of us..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Once upon a broken heart

Once upon a broken heart
I drifted day to day
Lost in the loneliness
My heart fell astray

Once upon a time
You held me close to you
A misty haze of deceit
I couldn't see through

Once up a lifetime
Seems so long ago
In a world full of lies
I didn't want to know

Then once up a daydream
He walked gracefully past me
Through all the darkness
He taught me to believe

Now once upon a fairy tale
With skies purely blue
I find my beautiful reality
In every moment I spend with you


P/S :
I don't know how to describe my feeling..
Hoping something that will not happen..
All my mind is just a hope..
Time passed and my hope get into the fact..
Today I just can recall back from my memory..
Do YOU remember that..

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Please tell me who you are

Can you take shattered glass
And make it back into something whole
Can you take all the tiny pieces
And once again mend my soul?

Can you control the sea
Or catch the wind in a net?
Can you erase my memories
The pain can I forget?

Can you bring out the sunshine
Always straight after the rain?
Can you bring the light into my life
So I can see through all the pain?

If you cannot do these things
Then what is there left for me?
Can you put air into dead lungs
Can you help me breathe?

I've fallen beyond helping
I've drifted way too far
But if you can mend these things
Please tell me who you are


P/S :
Looking out from window in the train..
Raining outside..
Rain spot cover the window..
My feeling at the moment just as the weather..

Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Yoke Ying

Can anyone tell me time pass fast or slow.. Sometimes I feel like time pass so slow.. But today I feel like time pass so fast.. YY's birthday again.. I still remember last year I celebrated her birthday in KL.. That time just 2 of us at my sisters's place.. This year also the same 2 of us only among all friends.. But this year still got my 2nd sister along..

Sorry dear can't celebrate with you at your actual day 3/10/10.. Hmm.. We took our dinner at San Francisco Steakhouse located in Ipoh.. after that go for bowling session.. Don't know is it call celebration or just a gathering among 2 of us.. but quite happy with it.. and we eat a lot..

- Apple Pie -

- Butter Bread -

- Potato Skin -

Well.. I forget what all this call.. but this 3 set finished by me and yy.. and my sister did help a bit.. haha..

My Sister's meal..

Birthday Girl & I

Didn't wear socks that time.. so have to buy at there.. See how nice I'm wearing this socks.. I'm playing with this.. ^^

Finally she beat down me one round..



Monday, September 27, 2010

Real World

Recently keep on watch movies since my class just start and I'm still can waste a little time.. I did feel quite tough with my study.. Although the subject I need to take is lesser.. but the system and the exam requirement really screw me up..

I don't know why recently I just can't have a good night sleep.. Actually I got a lot of thing want to share here.. my mind always got a lot of thing come out.. when I'm here to write a post.. my mind seem like nothing already.. Just like those author when got an idea must immediately drop it down.. if not it may fly away in another second..

Watch a movie or drama can help u learn something from it.. Do you think so.. Just like a Taiwan drama <钟无艳>.. I think a lot of people also listen this name before right.. and how about as the proverb said "有事钟无艳,无事夏迎春".. The original story of 钟无艳 is about she's a ugly girl.. The king send her for a war and promise that if she win the war she can become the queen.. but during the period the king already forget what he had promised.. always enjoy with 夏迎春 who is a pretty and sexy girl.. story end up with 钟无艳 give up the king.. because no matter how hard she work for.. the king will never see it all because of she's ugly..

Hmm.. I keep think of it.. I ask myself in the world is it everyone so realism.. when the thing got the value you will still keep it.. after the thing lost of value.. you just throw it away.. same as when a person still mean value for you.. you will not leave the person behind.. but once you think the person is not worth for you to spend time on it.. you just kick the person away.. For what I know is yes.. That's true..

I hate people who is like this.. but I did ask myself.. am I the same.. Do I did the same before.. Well.. Honestly my answer is yes.. In side the drama.. the actress said she hate people judging a person by outlook because she doesn't have a good outlook but then she realize she is just the same.. but is in some other way.. This is as what we said "everyone is just can see other people mistake but can't see their own mistake..

Why can't we just change this kind of stupid thinking.. I hope I can yet I can't.. I always tell myself "要嫌弃别人,先想想自己是否没东西让人嫌弃。" No one is perfect.. is depend how you see from it.. but in this society.. human is cruel.. even myself.. You will not satisfy with what you have now.. You wish to get better one.. always think of get a even more better one compare to the previous or what you are having now.. this is the fact..

I just want to ask.. who will like to get a new thing that is worse than the previous one.. Just like a cellphone.. when you want to change.. of course choose the most advanced one.. but got 2 perspectives for a person to choose something.. 1 is depend on the outlook.. another is depend on the utility.. for some cellphone outlook is really attractive but it maybe not durable.. some maybe the outlook is not outstanding but it is durable.. which you will choose for..

I'm not with a shallow-brained.. I just tell the truth.. Nowadays mostly people will 1st depend on outlook.. no matter in what.. Just think about you are a consumer.. when you want to purchase something.. is it the thing with a well packaging will attract you the 1st.. Or in a company.. got 2 person interview for the same job.. 1 is with a good looking but the other not.. which the boss will choose..

We can't blame anyone.. we just can say this world is cruel.. accept the fact and try to work hard in other way to make people change the view on you.. Do not give up easily.. Even you can't change the view of those people now.. must always remember there are not just those only person in this world.. there will be someone can really see your hard work one day.. Please do not because of a tree give up the whole jungle..