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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Muahahahaha.. Yy is scolding me about now only undated those belated post.. Ai ya.. Don't count so much la.. If not my blog will be so blank.. because nothing to see also.. So i have to post one or two my personal photos here.. So my friends will know how am i looking recently..



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Li Juen



Sorry ya li juen.. As u know right prevoius there's something happened to me.. So i never updated my blog.. hehe.. But i still got greet u on that day right.. Haha.. So i think u won't mind.. Happy always.. LOLx.... ^^

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Recently there's a lot of things happened to me again..
It makes me really can't take a breath..
I really feel so lost..
In real i'm really lost something that's Important for me..
I did cried it out..
But it's no use for me..
The tears don't even wish to drop down..
Just cried out in heart..
My heart just remain a big stone inside..
Nothing else..
I didn't appreciate every chances when i got IT..
And IT is gone..
I will keep think that how can i built it back..
Can i??
I'm really not confidence at all..
Because i don't know what can i do anymore..
What can i do is just face it even though there's thousand of UNWILLINGNESS inside..
Nobody really understand my feeling right now..
They just ask me don't make a silling decision..
But here i want to tell you all..
That's not what you guys can see from outside..
The word - "Wait" for me is just a stupid action..
I already missed up a lot of chances..
Now I just wish to chase back all..
Many people use to ask me will i regret if make the decision..
I really don't know will i regret or not..
But what i can tell is if i does not try to catch up the chance..
I'm really will regret..
I don't know i still can fight with it or not if i still keep waiting..
Everynight i just can't even have a deep rest..
Seeing the sky from dark until bright..
No matter how tired i am..
My life just like a darkness world but there's a RAINBOW appear..
The colours fill up my world..
Now rainbow is gone..
My world is back as usual..
But i tell myself the RAINBOW will be coming back to me one day..
Just for my imagination..

P/S : I really wish to build IT back..
Can I got the chance?
Please stop the lost feeling for me..

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yi pee.. Finally i can changed new handphone.. Really so excited.. Last month i always start to think about change new handset.. My previous one have problem already.. Keypad can't press at all.. I've been using that for 2 years.. Although i still so like it.. i see my friends around many of them change new handset i'm really envy.. hehe..

Everytime passed by those phone shop i sure will stop and have a look.. Keep search what phone that i like.. Actually passed few week i got the chance to change.. but that time i still don't have any idea that what model i want.. finally back home with nothing.. And now I got YOU.. hehe ~ N86.. My sweetie..

Take a look to my previous one - K810i
Bye bye.. I'm sorry i sold YOU out..

Deng deng deng deng ~
My new handset - N86

- Slip phone -

2-way sliding

This don't call what.. Lolz..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Yoke Ying

Sorry ar my dear Mei.. As u know la.. I'm so lazy and recently only i settle all my stuff.. So please don't mind now only i post a greet here.. hehe ^^.. Hmm.. Last time you and me just a normal classmate.. We do not know each other well.. But i just remember that the Fan Yoke Ying is always tie up all her hair no matter when and no matter where we see her..

You know.. Last time i use to comment people.. I always ask my friend sitting beside me in class - Huan.. I ask her.. "Huan ar.. You say la.. Why yoke ying always tie up all her hair ar.. Not nice lo.. You say if she put down i thk will be better.." Haha.. That's only i know about you..

Usually all of us call her "ah mei".. Why?? I don't know.. I had listen that because she is smallest among us.. Look like "mei mei".. So they all call her "ah mei" and until now today "ah mei" already become her name among all her friends..

The 1st she told me that i have a not really good impression to her.. But after know me only find out actually i'm not.. Lolz.. (Thank you - Mei) Slowly we started to become close friend.. Hmm.. i think that many people have got shock 2 of us will become closer friend same to myself.. After get know well of her.. I find out actually we have a lot of things quite similar.. Our interest.. view.. especially taste.. I like to eat with her.. because we really perfect same taste.. and attitude but of course she's hardworking than me a lot.. Hehe..

Honestly i'm really glad that i know her and can become closer friend with her.. She had passed through a lot of things with me.. really a lot and can't even count.. No matter when where.. She will always gives me support and comfort.. She accompany to pass through my sadness.. Keep on comfort me when i'm upset.. Try her best to help me solve my problems.. Is a good listener.. a good teacher.. She will teach me when i have problems in my study.. I can share everything with her and she won't betray friend.. Really thank you so much..

She is cute.. understanding.. smart and caring.. I still remember that we had argue for once.. That time my feeling is weird.. I don't know how to talk with her.. But she won't angry a person for long.. I try to talk with her and she was nothing already..

Last time i'm not use to have same things with people.. but because of her.. i have change.. Now i can having same clothes with her.. Same type of wallet (but she had lost it ^^).. Bag and else..

Now let us take a look to her..

Fan Yoke Ying (Ah Mei)

- Same Shirt -

- Lecture Class -

This year i didn't join my gang of friends to celebrate her birthday.. When her birthday that day we still at kl and that day was mooncake festival so i celebrate her birhtday and mooncake festival with her and my two beloved sisters at there..


- Happy Mooncake Festival -

Only 6 pieces of cakes

Birthday Girl - YY

- Happy 19th Birthday-


3/10/09 - At 1st me and yy have to go back home by today.. but we really too enjoyed for this trip.. wish can stay at kl one more days.. We wake up quite late actually and we haven't buy bus ticket yet.. I'm so clever.. because i'm worring that my mom will mumble me if i request stay one more day.. So i ask my beloved elder sister help me to request.. Haha.. Luckily she's success.. (Thank You - Sinn Chai ^^)

Today don't have any plan and Sinn Chai suggest that bring us to aquaria.. That my wish too.. Long time ago i wish i can go for aquaria once.. Aquaria gives me the feel like under world..

- Entry -

- Bamboo Shark -
We can touch it you know.. I had touch once.. Syoknya!!

- Starfish -
Can touch too.. Feel like a stone only..

We are discussing how to post..

Opps.. So funny right??

Nice coconut..

- Titanic -

Yi pee!!

- Big Shark -

Omg.. So scare!!

Stupid face..

Friday, October 30, 2009


2/10/09 - Went to Sunway Lagoon.. At 1st my elder doesn't want to join us.. But after my persuading.. and before i got some arguement with my 2nd sister.. I'm still worrying that she also doesn't want to join.. Luckily i'm their cute little princess.. Finally they still promise to join us.. Love you 2 a lot.. ^^

- Sunway Lagoon Map -

Entry here.. Yy.. Me.. Sinn Chai.. Yann Chai

Yeah.. Let's Go..

Can you see who's that?!

Finished enjoying.. After bath..

Going back now..

Night view of Sunway Lagoon..

After have fun at Sunway Lagoon.. Go to Sunway Pyramid have dinner at T.G.I FRIDAY.. Those foods really big size.. I'm a person who can eat so much.. but i still can't finish the set that i had order.. After that we go to play archering..

This is the dessert.. Yummy..

3 sisters.. Omg.. I look fat here..

Professional Archering.. lolz..


1/10/09 - Have fun at Genting.. I still remember the last time i went there is when i'm form 4.. Already 2 years never been there.. Unfortunately I just can play the out door theme park because we just spent one day time there.. Somemore i just enjoyed with my dear friend.. My 2 sisters do not join us.. Hmm.. Maybe they too old already.. lolz.. (Don't angry ok..)

(Yy ar.. although i'm still young.. can't play the Space Shot 2 times with you la.. I got heart attack.. ^^ But i'm enjoying with the Corkscrew..)

- At cable car -

What are we doing??

My beloved Sinn Chai & Yann Chai

Yi pee.. Theme Park.. I'm coming.. @-@

Luckily I know you are taking our photo.. (Sinn Chai)

My turn..

Meet up Catherine there..

- Time Square -

Nice right?

Waiting for the Spinner..

I like this so much - Bumper Boat

(At 1st i'm still thinking want to play this bumper boat or not.. Because i'm really scare of water.. But my dear friend keep ask me to play.. After i got into the boat.. wow.. really enjoyed with it.. lolz.. miss it so much..)