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Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Buddies

If you ask me what do u like about Utar.. I can just answer you that nothing I like about Utar.. The only thing that I will say like is my gang of friends.. Actually I'm not really like my course but because of my coursemates.. They all are so friendly.. funny.. helpful and else.. Last time i'm not really use to join them.. all is start from this semester.. You know they are really supportive.. When you face problems they will help you and try to make you happy..

Hmm.. here I really want to say thank you to all of you.. Because of you guys make me become stronger.. I really hope that I can graduate with you guys without any incident happen.. and we can make our dream come true which is go for our graduate trip..

Let's take a look for all my buddies..

Today is my group's presentation for the subject-team building.. Our drama show..

We are the main actor and actress -
Lee Fan Shu & Choo Cheong Fen (Me & Catherine)
She is my lou po.. haha.. same "sot" with me..
We use to fool around and gossip together..

You can see we like to act right?
No la.. We are really reading newspaper..

The purple colour shirt's girl is one of my group actress.. others is my buddies..
(Yann Fei, Pei Mei, Yen Mey, Catherine, Me, Pui Yee & Yoke Ying)
I think about yen mey and yoke ying.. I don't need to describe them here.. because my previous post already did that..
Yann fei is a quiet girl.. but when she's getting angry you can never imagine that.. so don't play play..
Pui yee is a cheerful girl.. everytime you will see her with a smiling face..

After my show.. He is one of my buddies - (Chris)
He use to talk "yellow" jokes with us.. It is really funny..
But don't see he seem like play play type..
When he want to study you can see how serious he is..

(Ah Ooi )
We already be friend since we are in foundation.. We are classmates..
That time we already use to fool around..
and so happy that we still maintain until today..
He is a guy that really understanding and friendly..
He so sayang budak kecil.. especially his niece.. haha..

(Jia Ding, Me & Chris)
Jia Ding is a blur guy.. and always let me bully..
He's really gentle and kind.. he helps me a lot..
He likes to help people and will not count for that.. So good right..

(Jian Hong, Me & Catherine)
Jian Hong is very smart and he use to think a lot until can't fall asleep..
He used to argue with me in some topics.. and he got a lot of self theory..
But we like chit chat especially about having trip in somewhere..

(Pei Mei)
This photo took at last Friday during her drama show..
Pei Mei is another quiet girl and she is really concentrate in class..
So usually when i need to get further information about the lecture class or tutorial class.. I will ask her..