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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Blessed 21st Birthday

I had celebrated my 21st birthday yesterday.. Here I would like to say thank you to all of you for my birthday wishes.. I really much appreciate.. With this birthday.. I had went through some different feeling.. Included happy, upset, excited and disappointed.. Actually I have plan for myself how am I going to pass my 21st birthday.. Early year ago.. I've been thinking about this.. I hope that it will be a very memorable and unforgetable birthday I ever have..

Time passed day by day.. It is getting nearer and nearer to my big day.. I start to plan how am I going to celebrate my big day and who I need to invite .. My relatives and all my friends.. Old friends and current friends.. I did expect all of them will attend.. I wish to get all their blessing wishes.. But sometime thing will not go with what you expect.. Some people really have their own unconvenient reason so that can't make it.. I'm kinda dissappointed but I still can accept for it.. Upset is for those some of my caring friends.. I know that they are able to make it but is just maybe I'm no longer important for them so that they just simply give some excuses to reject.. This really show me clearly that there are no what people said forever friend or keep in touch.. Although the celebration is not what I expect before.. I'm still happy with it.. and it also brings me some precious memory..

Besides.. I will not forget to thanks all the guests who attended my birthday bash with those precious birthday presents.. You guys brought me a lot of joys on this day..

Here the foods prepare by my mom..

My 21st Birthday Cake look nice right..
My favorite green colour - Pandan Cake

+ Make A Wish +

- My Family -

My Ex Uni Friends - Ooi, Jai Ding, Yann Fei & Catherine

My Old Schoolmates -
Jiar Man, Wai Huan, Syee Wei, Yoke Ying &
One of my ex uni friend - Yen Mey

- My Girls -

- My Ex Uni Gang -

Birthday Girl ^^

Faye, Mey, Me, Yy & Cat

Special Thanks to them my BBF - Yen Mey & Yoke Ying
Thanks for all the time by my side.. and I'm happy with the dress up of you both..
Muahaha ^^

See 3 gorgeous girls here..
Me and My lovely sisters - Sinn Chai & Yann Chai
I love you 2 so much..

My mature look..

My birthday presents..

My actual Birthday is today
16 - 01 - 2011

to me

+ May my dream come true +

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

I would like to Greet all you :-


Wish you guys all the best..
Happy always.. Stay Cool..
+ May God Bless Us +

May Everyday is Good Day for me ^^