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Monday, March 15, 2010

Crazy US from 130 - Steamboat

Yen Mey was staying over night at my house yesterday and today we have to go back Kampar.. Really boring.. Nothing we can do at Ipoh and Kampar.. Only one thing we can do is eat.. At 1st we planned to eat steamboat yesterday at 碳世界 which is YY's house nearby.. Unfortunately there's a lot of people so we change our plan.. Today we are so clever.. We went there early..

This is our 1st round..

- YY -

- Yen Mey -

- Me -

We can't wait to start our 1st round.. We have spending almost 2 hours more at there.. You all can see from the picture.. from the sky bright until it is dark.. and can see from our look.. seem like having war.. It is really fun..

Yy is helping us to fry our foods..

Our turn..

Finally we find someone to help us take photo for us..

Hmm.. Today is really happy but there are some incidents happened make me feel little bit shame.. You know what.. but is funny..
The story is when we are going to pay bill that time.. because we sit outside so need go in the restaurant to pay.. and I'm so clever knock to the glasses wall.. i thought that there's the door.. some more there got a lot of customers.. A table which is whole gang guys.. those people get shock seeing me knocked on it.. because got loud "boom" sound.. Really stupid.. and 3 of us keep laugh non-stop..

Another one is when we are finished our foods.. and as you guys know I'm a little bit playful so i play with those ice-cream n drink there.. we can't finished so i pour in the soup.. when i said "cheers" want to pour that time a worker came and i just faster turn my hand n drink myself.. My 2 dearest friends keep laughing at me.. said that my look that like so funny.. Crazy right.. Finally they laugh at me the whole way back to Kampar.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crazy US from 130

I guess somebody maybe will ask what is 130 means.. 130 is my hostel number.. I've been staying here almost 1 and a half year.. Last time i never realize that any fun from there.. But now is different.. You know why.. My hostel has 5 person staying together.. All is female.. Last time it is really quiet.. because everyone will just staying at their own room once they come back.. Every time only me and one of my dearest friend-YY made noise around.. We are not really close with 3 others..

Now is different.. Add more one person.. Who is she?? She is Ong Yen Mey.. I will show our pictures later on.. Haha.. If she know that i mention her big name here.. I think she will be very happy.. Haha.. Let me describe a little bit about her.. She looks quiet.. has a very long dark hair and fair skin.. Most important thing is you can always see her with slipper and middle short pant..

Even though we are not same age.. She's older than me.. Muahaha.. but she likes i bully her.. Crazy right?? We are same course and class.. There's a lot of funny thing from here.. She don't know speak cantonese and when she talk it sound funny.. I use to learn Hokkian from her.. Now i'm improve a lot.. Don't believe?? Let's try with me..

You know i really feel "sien" with her long hair.. Definitely do not have any style.. Fringe and back also same long.. Can you u imagine that? Me and YY use to persuade her to cut her hair.. But every time also failed.. Finally I'm success persuading her go to my mom's saloon.. YY also feel surprise.. lolz.. I also don't know why.. but anyway I'm SUCCESS!!

My mom is cutting her hair..
See what's she look like now?? Scary-nya

She force to take photo with me..(Pity face)

While waiting for her..


Before going to Jusco

Before & After
Got different or not??
She feel sad that her short already..

We accompany yen mey to buy her presentation shirt..
While waiting for her again.. Haha

What satisfaction that we have today is our dinner at Korea restaurant. Long time didn't eat Korea food already. So happy with it.. Really so hungry that time can't wait for our dinner.. We order a lot of foods and most important thing is we can finish all.. Muahaha..

All our foods

Deng deng deng deng.. We feel full now..