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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My 1st Job

I'm 20 years old now.. I never been work before.. I know many people also same with me.. but I got a lot of friends had their work experiences.. I did help out my mom in her saloon.. but as boss's daughter of course easy a lot.. usually I just keep on walk here and there.. sleep in shop..

When my mom 1st told me that I should find a part-time job to fill up my leisure time.. I'm really excited.. I always think of if I can go out to work.. At 1st I had interview for PC Fair promoter work for 14 hours a day.. but I remember that my secondary friends told me work as waitress can earn much better.. and I more prefer work as a waitress..

So I went for an interview in Kopitiam Junction located in Ipoh Parade.. I was so excited and I can't wait to work already.. I told the manager the next day I can start my job.. Can you all see that how desperate I am.. Haha.. Is it sound funny?

Well.. today is my 1st day of my job.. I had work for 6 hours without sitting.. and my break time is just half an hour.. My legs are really tired but I never think of give up.. I want to earn my 1st own money.. So I will fight for it..

This is my uniform.. included with t-shirt, apron & cap..
Can you see that how old is the cap is??

Friday, July 2, 2010

End of Memory

I find out that there's nothing can keep forever.. Something that you thought you already keep it or hide it well.. you may lost it one day.. When a thing is not suppose to belong with you.. No matter how hard you want to keep it.. It will lost in some other ways.. This is the fact..

Today I had lost something that I thought I can make it as my part of memories.. I was struggling at that moment.. I keep on think of still got what way I can remain the thing that I wish to keep it well..

But something is really true.. when you want to get something.. there will be lost in something too.. I really believe in this.. Do you? Finally I choose to forget about it.. Although I'm not willing to do so.. I know I have to..

Well.. As many people use to say.. Time can cure many thing.. So I hope time is my best medicine also..