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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to Yen Mey

Happy Birthday to birthday girl - Yen Mey
Wish you all the best
May your dream come true 

My dear - Yen Mey

My sweetie - Yoke Ying

Us =)



Today is not the actual day for Yen Mey's birthday. Although it is not a what special celebration. But it means a lot to me. Previously there was some stupid thing happened because of my immature. Well, I have learn from it and I would to thank you my dear friends - Yoke Ying and Yen Mey. Thanks for their forgiveness all the time. I hope that our friendship can maintain forever. Seriously, I miss those time when we stay together. It is really brought a lot of good memories for me and I will never forget =)

Sunday, November 6, 2011


It has been long time that me and my friend plan to go for Skystrek. But always don't have the right time and can't date enough people. Finally our seniors ask us whether want to join them go for Skystrek or not.. It is really great for us. Through this little adventure I can gain a good relationship with my seniors. Well, they are cool. It is really a good experience for me. We play the extreme one.. although is quite tired but I still feel Skytrek is really awesome. 

 - Selamat Datang -

See how excited we are before we start our adventure..

I feel that myself back to secondary school time.. haha..

Have to listen the briefing of the rules..

I'm dreaming I guess..

This is the one I found quite hard for me..

Come to the last station..

We have done!!

What a great day =)