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Saturday, February 20, 2010

During CNY

Every year during CNY i will did the same thing, which is went to my grandpa's house.. At Lunar eve all the relatives will gather there and waiting for get angpao from eldest.. This year nothing special for me.. Still the same.. Hmm.. what a boring CNY..

Here we are..

My lovely relatives -
Me, Jayne, Venus
Yanny, Yann Chai and Sinn Chai

Me, Venus, Yann Chai
Yanny, Carmen, Jayne and Silver

Venus,Jayne, Apple, Yanny and Me

But actually got a little bit special is what.. Cor 2 and Cor 3.. went for movies with family.. Haha.. 72 tenants of prosperity, All's well end wells 2010 and 14 blades.. Many people asked me that how come can get tickets.. Haha.. That's a little secret so sorry about that.. can't tell u guys..

All the 3 movies

Comel or not??

My 2 beloved sisters

Cor 5 that day have a gathering with my primary BBF and 3 other friends.. She back from Singapore.. Long time never meet her.. She looks pretty a lot.. Haha.. miss her so much.. We went to K-box sing K after had our dinner at Greentown..

Soke Qin & Me

Crazy Us

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Do u think that time pass so fast? Sometimes i feel that time passed so fast.. but sometimes i just feel that the time seem like never move on.. Now already february of 2010.. So happy becuase i have one week holiday for Chinese New Year.. A little bit excited about getting ang pau and can meet up with old friends. Hehe..

Here i wish all of you : -