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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hong Kong Trip_Part 5

When you are enjoying.. You won't realize the time keep on passed.. Today is the Last day we stay at Hong Kong.. This trip really let me gain a lot.. I've been almost all the famous places in HK.. I can see a lot of different thing which can't find in Malaysia.. The living cost in HK really so high.. You just eat a simple noodle it may cost you hundred dollar.. But even is like that.. I still like this place so much.. You can see those luxury cars in anywhere.. Those police & taxi drivers in HK really so friendly and nice.. Most important thing is what.. So many charming guys there.. Haha.. I will return the HK once i got the chance..

We are now at the 石板街 which located at 中环..

This is the famous Duddell Street (都爹利街)..
The only street with Gas Lamps (煤气路灯)

- Resting -

Time to say Goodbye..
At Hong Kong Airport (赤鱲角機場)

Bye Bye my lovely Hong Kong..
I will be Back!!

Hong Kong Trip_Part 4

I think this place you guys did listen before right? Madame Tussauds (杜莎夫人蠟像館).. Although can't meet the real artists.. can meet their waxwork also not bad right.. I wish to go this place once I know I got the chance to HK.. So happy..

Reception Centre

Top : Janice (卫兰), Kelly (卫兰), Teresa Teng (邓丽君)
Down : Ronaldinho (小罗纳尔多), Leslie (张国荣), Jay Chow (周杰伦)

Cecilia Cheung (张柏芝)

Bruce Lee (李小龙)

Gillian Chung (钟欣桐-阿娇) &
Charlene Choi (蔡卓妍-阿Sa)

Madonna (麦当娜)

Yao Ming (姚明)

David Beckham (大卫.贝克汉姆)
Opps.. My dream man..
I got the chance to hug him..

Ip Man (叶问) - Donnie Yen (甄子丹)
I've wait the chance since I watch Ip man..
See his waxwork I also feel so happy..
I like him so much..
So yeng!!

This I don't know what's the name..
I'm one of them..

Although we never go to Disneyland.. still got the chance see Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse (米奇 & 米妮) and their palace..

- Lovely Sisters -

Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse (米奇 & 米妮)

Hong Kong Trip_Part 3 (Macau)

Beside Hong Kong.. We still have time to spend a day in Macau (澳门).. We take jet to Macau from HK.. Hmm.. It takes almost an hour if not mistaken.. 1st time take jet also.. At 1st feel a bit dizzy but after that fall a sleep already so is okay for me.. Didn't nausea..

Our Tickets..

After a short nap.. Feel energetic..
But do you see a black shirt girl??
Haha.. My 2nd sister.. Still need a rest..

This is the place that always we can see in the movie..
But I don't know what the place name..

Snap Snap Snap~
I'm so busy..

Behind that building prove us went to Macau before.. Haha

- 大炮台 -

- 葡京赌场 -

In the Macau Tower (澳門旅遊塔)..

Because is raining so I can't take the tower's photo.. Can't see people play Bungee Jump.. Tell you guys something.. I saw few tourists - white man ask for the Bungee Jump.. but because of raining the receptionist reject them.. Wow.. their disappointed face really so funny..

No chance go to Shang Hai..
but I still can take photo with 海宝..


Time to leave..

Hmm.. Honestly I'm not really like Macau.. Not really enjoy with it.. You know why.. Those people in Macau is really not friendly at all and no manner.. and there don't have any special place to go.. Boring there..

Hong Kong Trip_Part 2

Many of my friends ask me do I go to Ocean Park or Disneyland.. Ocean Park I did went to.. but not Disneyland.. Hmm.. I feel that Ocean Park only represented HK.. Disneyland can find in few countries.. Before I go to HK.. Some people told me Ocean Park nothing to enjoy with.. Shouldn't go for that.. Here I want to tell those people.. We never regret to go there.. There are a lot of thing to enjoy.. and I will introduce to other people that Ocean Park is fun..

Deng Deng ~ Ocean Park entrance tickets..
Mine one is the cute panda..

I'm on the way to Bus Station..
Finally I can take photos with taxi (的士)..

In the bus now (搭小巴)..

Here we are.. Ocean Park (海洋公園)
Today is shining day..
Have to take umbrella with me..

The Map of Ocean Park

Everyday Ocean Park will have a schedule to guide you how to enjoy there.. There will state the time for those special shows.. There are few sections of those shows.. so if you miss it you will really wasted.. Ocean Park consists of Lowland and Headland, which are connected by cable or ocean express (海洋列车).. Lowland is called Amazing Asian Animals (亚洲动物天地) and Headland is called (海洋生態園).. mostly is about ocean.. but still got many places in the progress..

Look at my cute elder sister - Sinn Chai

Lovely second sister - Yann Chai

Yipee.. Bi Chai here..

Of course we can't miss it which is Sea Dream (海洋伴我心).. Enjoyed with the Dolphin's Show.. Really get touch when listening the story of the show.. and the music made me feel warm..

Like them so much.. So cute and smart..

You know.. All the way we are at outdoor..
Once we enter this (熊猫山庄)..
Wow.. air corn room..
Panda really so rarity..

There are 2 types of Panda..
Black & White that called - Panda bear
Black & Red that called - Red panda
They are so cute..

Pretty Sisters

The sea lions (海狮-威威) show..
The sea lions is so smart and funny..
Nice show..

Take our rest - My Family

We almost spend a day at Ocean Park.. Although is quite tired.. Worth for it.. We leave in the evening.. and back to our hotel rest awhile 1st..

On the way back to hotel..
Of course can't forget to eat..

This is after a rest..
At night.. eat again..
Eat Eat Eat.. Great!!

3 little charming and adorable sisters..
Hahaha.. Of course we can't miss it to take photos in our hotel room right..
Before sleep..