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Monday, September 27, 2010

Real World

Recently keep on watch movies since my class just start and I'm still can waste a little time.. I did feel quite tough with my study.. Although the subject I need to take is lesser.. but the system and the exam requirement really screw me up..

I don't know why recently I just can't have a good night sleep.. Actually I got a lot of thing want to share here.. my mind always got a lot of thing come out.. when I'm here to write a post.. my mind seem like nothing already.. Just like those author when got an idea must immediately drop it down.. if not it may fly away in another second..

Watch a movie or drama can help u learn something from it.. Do you think so.. Just like a Taiwan drama <钟无艳>.. I think a lot of people also listen this name before right.. and how about as the proverb said "有事钟无艳,无事夏迎春".. The original story of 钟无艳 is about she's a ugly girl.. The king send her for a war and promise that if she win the war she can become the queen.. but during the period the king already forget what he had promised.. always enjoy with 夏迎春 who is a pretty and sexy girl.. story end up with 钟无艳 give up the king.. because no matter how hard she work for.. the king will never see it all because of she's ugly..

Hmm.. I keep think of it.. I ask myself in the world is it everyone so realism.. when the thing got the value you will still keep it.. after the thing lost of value.. you just throw it away.. same as when a person still mean value for you.. you will not leave the person behind.. but once you think the person is not worth for you to spend time on it.. you just kick the person away.. For what I know is yes.. That's true..

I hate people who is like this.. but I did ask myself.. am I the same.. Do I did the same before.. Well.. Honestly my answer is yes.. In side the drama.. the actress said she hate people judging a person by outlook because she doesn't have a good outlook but then she realize she is just the same.. but is in some other way.. This is as what we said "everyone is just can see other people mistake but can't see their own mistake..

Why can't we just change this kind of stupid thinking.. I hope I can yet I can't.. I always tell myself "要嫌弃别人,先想想自己是否没东西让人嫌弃。" No one is perfect.. is depend how you see from it.. but in this society.. human is cruel.. even myself.. You will not satisfy with what you have now.. You wish to get better one.. always think of get a even more better one compare to the previous or what you are having now.. this is the fact..

I just want to ask.. who will like to get a new thing that is worse than the previous one.. Just like a cellphone.. when you want to change.. of course choose the most advanced one.. but got 2 perspectives for a person to choose something.. 1 is depend on the outlook.. another is depend on the utility.. for some cellphone outlook is really attractive but it maybe not durable.. some maybe the outlook is not outstanding but it is durable.. which you will choose for..

I'm not with a shallow-brained.. I just tell the truth.. Nowadays mostly people will 1st depend on outlook.. no matter in what.. Just think about you are a consumer.. when you want to purchase something.. is it the thing with a well packaging will attract you the 1st.. Or in a company.. got 2 person interview for the same job.. 1 is with a good looking but the other not.. which the boss will choose..

We can't blame anyone.. we just can say this world is cruel.. accept the fact and try to work hard in other way to make people change the view on you.. Do not give up easily.. Even you can't change the view of those people now.. must always remember there are not just those only person in this world.. there will be someone can really see your hard work one day.. Please do not because of a tree give up the whole jungle..

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival Night

Just have a little fun with my elder sister during mid autumn festival night..

She hung 4 lanterns at the balcony and played candles alone..


I just hold it as fun for photos shooting..

This is how am I passed this year mid autumn festival..

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

Still remember when I'm young.. I use to play lantern and candle in my grandparents's house with my sisters and cousins.. We use to put the candles all around the gate.. Put candle in between 2 bricks and a Milo tin's cover on top to cook leaf or candles.. Wow.. I most like to play like this..

Our parents surely get us a lantern.. We all walk around in the housing area.. My elder sister use to choose rabbit.. 2nd sister will choose dragon and I will choose fish.. Haha.. What a memorable childhood.. I miss it..

Now we all already grow up.. My cousins and sisters even myself also have our own career in different places.. No longer gather at my grandparent's house have fun anymore.. Time fly.. We just can appreciated the moment that we have..

Anyway.. Wish everyone here Happy Mid Autumn Festival.. All the best over a year..

- Happy Mid Autumn Festival -

Monday, September 20, 2010

My 1st day in KBU

The new place that I need to spend 2 years time to complete my degree - KBU.. Well.. 1st day to be here.. You know what.. The feeling this campus give me is just like a secondary school.. Haha.. Maybe I use it to compare with my previous Uni. campus - Utar Kampar..

Wake up early in the morning.. sit the shuttle bus of KBU send me to the campus.. When I reach the campus while waiting for my timetable.. Suddenly a girl come and talk with me.. She ask am I freshman here.. she say she is.. and ask me go hang around the campus with her.. She seem so surprise and say the campus is so big.. I just feel like don't know give what respond to her..

What a boring short briefing take about 2 hours.. It is really complicate for me to remember so many thing.. I need to remember 2 id.. 1 is from KBU another is from Anglia Ruskin University UK.. My course is awarded by ARU.. franchise in KBU.. So whatever also need to send to UK get approve..

Omg.. I just feel like how come so bother.. You want to register for a subject.. You want to change subject or whatever also need to wait for UK reply.. Take about 1 or 2 months.. Can you imagine that if you make some wrong decision like you pick wrong subject.. then you will having a big trouble need to inform ARU..

Another thing that I'm thinking about is assignment.. Now only I know what is call strict from a university.. Is not KBU strict.. is Anglia Ruskin University.. All the students have get a note about guidance on being honest in our work and the policy for the university using a programme to check the student's work from ARU. This programme is to check are we honest in our work.. define as "assessment offences" which including plagiarism.. cheating and collusion.. Need to have 0% same with the actual info from the net..

I feel like dying when I get know all this.. Don't even think about modified friend's work.. senior's work or from the net.. All this I use to do so when I'm in Utar.. Is it good of bad for me??

I don't feel like making friends here.. Don't ask me why.. because myself also don't know.. Haha.. Well.. my new uni life already start.. Although is not what I expect before.. but I still will study hard for my bright future..



Lonely night

Insomnia right now..

sitting beside the window with light off..

can feel the cold wind is blowing over here..

lonely night with keep repeating a Korean song..

everything seem like mess up together..

what is happening actually..

how can it be..

times fly..

but seem like just stop at the moment..

What can I do?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New life

I reached KL at yesterday night.. The place that I need to continue do my degree there.. I don't know whether should I say my dream already come true or not.. because when I'm after form 5 I keep on request for going KL to do further study.. but that time my dream didn't come true.. My parents choose Utar, Kampar for me..

It is strange to say.. When you request hard for something.. you may not get what you want.. When you just use a usual heart with something.. Maybe it will come to you.. This is what can describe my feeling now..

Do you believe in God will make a way for you? I do.. Before that I got my hard time.. I feel like giving up everything... and at the period I always think of a worship song - God will make a way.. I really like this sentence "God will make a way, where there seems to be no way ".. God did make a way for me.. So that I can have my brand new life as what I dream before.. Thank You Lord..

This afternoon I went to my new study place - KBU to register for my coming intake.. I'm already forget about what's the feeling as a freshman in a new place.. When the 1st enter Utar.. I got few friends accompany.. This time is by my own.. I'm not really excited as the 1st time enter university but got a little bit nervous in a new environment.. I think I can handle it..

This coming 20th will be my 1st day go for new college.. Hope everything is fine and I'm getting ready to fight for my bright future..

Welcome my new life.. Going to enjoy with it.. ^^

- File, T-shirt & Bag -

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Yuan is Back

Yesterday Pei Yuan at facebook said she will be in Ipoh.. Everyone thought she just fooling around.. and I'm one of them.. This afternoon I got so much of miss called from her.. Finally I called back and she asked me to come out.. I was getting shock how come she date me out..

Wow.. She is really back.. She went to Sabah for her further study already about 2 months.. I think that maybe end of year or next year only got the chance to meet up with her.. Well.. I no need to wait so long.. Just now have a gathering with her.. Mee Hui and Wan Hwa..

Let me think and see how long I never meet up with Wan Hwa already.. I think got about half year if not mistaken.. Haha.. happy to meet up with they all.. Wan hwa looks much pretty but Pei Yuan is very thin already.. "Yuan.. You should eat more ok.."

Although is just a short gathering.. but feel great with it.. Everyone have their own career to go through but we will still keep in touch.. Don't know when is the next time we all meet up together again.. All the best to you girls.. Take care..

- Chocolate Steamboat -
Mee Hui had finished all my tomato.. Haha

- Ham Sandwich -
They complaint that I didn't share with them..
I treat you girls next time ok.. =P

See our silly face..

Me, Mee Hui & Wan Hwa

I like this picture..