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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last day for my internship

A short period of 3 months and 15 days.. Came to the last day and finally end of my internship career.. Although is not that good as what I imagined.. it is still stand benefit for me.. At least I had learn and gained the experiences so that I know how to survive in this community later after I have graduate..

Suppose end of August will be my last day.. but I requested to extend more 15 days because my class reopen is on 19th of September.. Actually I'm not really hope to extend.. I got nothing to do that's why force myself to extend..

It is not because I'm lazy to work or what.. The reason is I'm not really like my working place.. The 1st month I'm really happy with it.. As I mentioned earlier I got good and friendly colleagues.. After they leaves I'm just like sometime as what other people said.. Going to work seem like going to hell..

I think some of you may ask why is it so.. Hmm.. hard to explain here.. but I just can briefly say that because I got a "good" supervisor and some "kind" colleagues.. Well.. maybe is good for me also because they let me learn about how should I protect myself and be aware to those "kind" people when I'm in my working career next day..

Anyway I'm gonna be prepare and fighting in my last year of my degree.. So just forget about that.. I have to - Fighting Fighting Fighting.. Wish me luck ya ^^