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Monday, July 27, 2009

Game Over

Today i'm totally game over..
I have no more chance to do what i want..
I have to follow the rules..
I lost my game..

I feel so lost now..
Everyone around me never support me anymore..
And i have no right to ask for it..
I just can follow according to the plan..

Sometime you can't just judge me by seeing one side..
Something you don't even know..
You don't know what is going on..

Why don't give me the chance?
Why want to give me the chance but now get it back?
I'm really so hurt and so sad..
So disappointed now..

Can I get one more chance?
I will really appreciate..

P/S :
Father God..
Please give me one more chance..

Sunday, July 26, 2009

No Hope

I've been stop updated my blog for days.. This few days happened a lot of thing to me.. It is really mess up my life.. Many thing you are never dope out it might be happen.. Just now when i'm writing blog.. something worse happened again..

I feel really sorry for the passed i had did something to hurt anyone.. I'm not mature at all to handle problems.. In the dangerous tension moment.. I seem like miss out a lot thing.. I cried.. I'm so worry about after i miss out something only i feel regret..

But after that incident.. Who really know my feeling.. Maybe someone will think i'm just feel upset in that moment.. Do you know i'm really care and concern about that? Someone will tell me that i already get what i want.. I have to pay out something too.. There's no more pressure for me..

I wish to say is.. actually there's still pressure for me.. I do not mean that i should not have any pressure.. I know pressure is good for me.. Because it can always alert myself to do my best.. I admit that i never do my best for the passed..

At 1st i feel happy i thought i got the chance to change.. I know that confidence is not one or two days can build up.. But i need time too.. Why giving me hope but now want to get it back.. Why? I feel really totally hopeless.. Someone will say because i ask for it.. I make thing worse.. But do you see how i work hard for?

I just wish to get the everyone approve that.. That's what i hope for.. But why.. Why the game just start i have been disqualify? I have no choice.. maybe u can said because i ask for it.. because i spoil the trust.. But do u think before why i tell lies.. The game haven end why you judge me lose..

Now.. i'm really lose.. I have no chance.. Although it is not directly mention out.. But i can feel and i know i'm not being trusted.. I just need people care and concern but is not suspicion.. I just hope to get support to all of you..

Today seem like game over for me.. Really just end up like this? I'm not reconcile to.. But I'm hopeless now..

P/S :
My friend told me before..
When God close the door..
There will be another door to open..
Isn't it?
Please Bless me, God..

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I suppose to be very happy now..
Although i smile happily with i'm getting what i want..
But i never smile happily from my heart..
Because i feel that i had lost something..

When u so wish to get something..
There will be something u will lost..
When u wish to buy a thing..
U have to pay money..
There's no free gift..

Why there is no happy ending in my world?
I just wish to have a simple life..
I didn't expect much also..

P/S :
Please Bless Me..
I Wish To Have A Happy Life..

Friday, July 17, 2009

Never say Goodbye

This is for the one who i just lost..
You are my only baby..
We will never say bye bye..
Lift your head to the sky..
Cause we will never say bye bye..

I didn't get it but you kept me in line..
I didn't know why you didn't show up sometimes..
I missed you..
But I'm glad we talked through..
Separation brings..

You never let me know it..
You never let it show because..
You loved me and obviously..

There's so much more left to say..
Never knew I could hurt like this..
And everyday life goes on..
I wish I could talk to you for more a while..
Miss you but I try not to cry..

As time goes by..
Wish to see your face..
And be right here next to you..
But it's like you're gone too soon..

Now the hardest thing to do..
Is say bye bye..
And you never got a chance..
To see how good I done..
And you never got to see me..

I wish that you were here..
To celebrate together..
I wish that we could spend..
The holidays together..

I remember when you used to..
Tuck me in at night..
With the big teddy bear you gave me..
That I held so tight..

I thought you were so strong..
You'd make it through whatever..
It's so hard to accept the fact I'm losting you right now..

P/S :
Can you understand what's my feeling now?
Can you keep on walk through this with me?
I wish to get ur answer..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Mee Hui

Hmm.. I think not so many people are interested to read my blog.. cuz there are so less photo so see.. right? Haha.. So sometimes i have to make my blog more interesting.. So now i'm posting some photos here..

Today we celebrate my friend - Mee Hui's birthday.. Hmm.. I think she is a quite mature girl.. Her 1st impression for me is not good.. U know why? Because there is someone backstep her before.. Hehe.. After i get know her.. only i found that she is not what i heard from other..

She looks cute sometimes.. I quite like to bully her.. Haha.. She is easily fooling by other.. and i like to listen her laugh sound.. I feel glad that making friend with them.. At 1st i'm not along to this gang.. haha.. maybe i had replace for someone already.. I don't know.. lolz......

We give her a suprise.. Without noticing her.. 4 of us will go to celebrate with her.. She seem surprise when she saw me and pei yuan walking in her house.. One thing so funny is.. She doesn't know the driver is li juen.. When li juen want to drive in her house.. She close the gate.. Haha.. After that only she realise is 4 of us..

She's blowing the candles..

We set handphone timer to take photo.. hahaha

Guess who is this?

Usually people will do so.. Taking photo in fitting room..

Hui.. Juen.. Me.. Yuan.. Mei

>We're always by your side<

Life = Movie

I think everyone here had been watching movie before..
Who never?
Let me know please..
I'm curious about that..

Actaully everyone of us are acting in the movie..
Life is just same like a movie..
We can see there is good character and bad character..
It is just depend on the actor..

Our character is good or not is depend on the audience..
Your own are never have the right to choose for it..
Sometimes we will say about the story of the movie is so fake..
Life is fake too..

U are hard to differentiate what is real what is not..
Everyone is wearing a mask to do something..
Some people might be seeing through of it..
But some people will trust all of it..
They will never know the real..

Sometimes even ur closer one might be betray u one day..
Or maybe all the time they are just acting..
U don't even know..

So cruel right?
Why must the life should be like this?

If u want to be a perfect actor..
Do not make mistake..
Because life is no take TWO..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Everyday seem like waiting something..
Waiting time to pass..
Waiting miracle to come..
Waiting to lose of memory..
Waiting for the care and love from true heart..
It is so hard to wait for a dark lonely night to pass..
Everywhere is full of darkness..
Can't even feel anything..
Wait for a helping hand..
But noone there..
Guardian Angel..
Where are you..
I can't feel u anymore..
I need you now..
Please come back to me..

P/S :
Do u know u are my Guardian Angel..

Friday, July 3, 2009


I think everyone also has their limit to stand..
Sometimes the person just pretend nothing is not because he or she doesn't mind..
Is because the person doesn't wish to make thing become worse..
But no matter how the person pretend..
It is also a limit there..
If until the limit..
It is really over and it might be problems occur..
Sometimes the person does not bother is not because u are correct..
U should know where is the limit the person can stand..
Try to considerate about others..
And remember..
Please don't make empty promise..
It will make the person disappointed with u..
And lost of confide in u anymore..

P/S :
Especially for You..

Thursday, July 2, 2009


U know..
Sometimes our mood just change like a weather..
Now u see is sunny day..
Suddenly it will raining heavily..
Just like our mood..
In this moment u can be very happy with something..
Seem like everything is so fine..
But in the next moment..
Something bad might be happen and u will never know it..
If u don't wish have a upset ending..
U just have to pretend nothing..
Sometimes u are not satisfy with something..
Better u don't complain..
Because there will be no change..
U can't do anything with it..
Just can keep it and forget about it..
Life is just like that..

P/S :
This is what my feeling now..
In this moment..