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Monday, June 18, 2012


People always said in chinese "毕业等于失业", it is quite true. Since after my final exam until now I did applied quite a number of jobs, but all no respond at all. Or maybe myself too choosy because I need to consider so many things first only choose to apply. I had went for 2 interviews in different bank industry. Now still waiting for their reply. I don't know whether I really prepare for my next career or not. Actually is not easy to step in new career, and I need to admit that I'm kinda lazy. Sometime is quite struggle for it.  

Well, life still going and I can't stop here while everyone is moving on. I need to make up my mind and fight for my future!!  Yet I will follow to God's plan, I believe that God will plan a best road for me, HE will choose a suitable job for me.