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Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011

Is time to say Happy Chinese New Year to all of you again.. Everyone is happy with it because of the holidays.. I feel that this year Chinese New Year passed a little bit fast than before.. I have listened many feedback from others.. They commented the same.. which is not enough time for them to enjoy with it..

For me.. every chinese new year is the same.. before Cor 1 those few days of course have to help up in my mom's shop.. During lunar eve.. that night all the relatives will be gather in grandpa's house and wait for getting angpao.. Well.. This year has a little bit boring.. seem so less relatives come back my grandpa's place.. Last time at 12a.m. sharp my grandpa house will full of people and feel so crowded.. This year kinda quiet..

This year a little too rush.. So I have no time to meet up with my old friends.. What a waste.. Luckily I still able to watch 2 CNY movies.. Which are All's Well Ends Well 2011 and Mr. And Mrs. Incredible.. Cor 4 I already back to KL because the next day have class to go.. This is how I pass my CNY this year..

- During Lunar eve -

Finished dress up myself..

Before going to Grandpa's house..

Everyone is busy giving angpao or getting angpao..

My lovely sisters..

All my pretty cousins..

- Cor 1 -
Go for movie..

Mr. And Mrs. Incredible

- Cor 2 -
Morning go for movie after that go back to father hometown..

All's Well Ends Well 2011

Every year back to father hometown the most enjoyable thing is can eat this as we call "xiu mai"..

This is hand make "xiu mai" by my uncle.. which is father's 2nd elder brother.. This restaurant is last time operated by my "Yeye" (Grandpa) until today continue by my uncle.. This place is full of memories for my uncles and aunties..

It is very lucky that I meet up YY there..
Her relative also same hometown..
She is visiting her relative on the same day..

- Cor 3 -
Today is nothing to do..
We just hangging at Jusco and Ipoh Parade..

Before going out..



  1. i wan to eat xiu mai again.. so spicy n so delicious.. syok-nya..

  2. yer.. same here lor.. luckily tat day eat a lot z.. haha