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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My Last Day in KBU

Finally the day is come! Today is my last day in KBU, I had finish my last semester last paper. I had been spending my 2 years time here. Is not that easy to pass the days in this 2 years. Now my uni life is end unofficially. Although I still need to wait for result, I am already consider myself as graduated. Muahaha.. Still got 2 months time to wait for my result release, so is time for myself to take a long rest.

Hmm, am I happy too early?! I think I forget even though my study life is end but my new career is coming soon. I need to step in working life, means I still don't have long holidays. Whatever, let me enjoy first!! =D

Dinner after our exam ended, let's enjoy our meal..

Time for photo session, 
we need to keep as our part of memories. 

P/S :
Well.. last but not least,
May God Bless Us with good result for our last semester, my friends. 

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